Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Which shall I choose - a Self-Guided or a Guided tour?

The 2008/2009 season is shaping up to be another very busy year for tourism in New Zealand - our Guided tour packages are proving to be very popular with many clients booking now for the coming season.

I regularly am answering questions from people planning to visit New Zealand about whether a Guided tour can offer them what they want, or if they should choose our Self-Guided option....or even just go for a straight rental.

Many people have a misconception about what a Guided tour really means or offers, and it often conjures up pictures in their minds of a coach tour with hoards of people, an over-bearing guide, and being herded around like sheep with people they may not really like...

We can understand this being a worry, and we would like to put any fears to rest. Our Guided tours are vastly different from the picture above. Through feedback from our clients we have created a Guided tour package that is light in structure, small groups ( around 10 people) and guided by us unobtrusively but attentively. In fact many of our clients tell us to stop referring to these packages as " Guided" as they feel this steers people away from what they experience as the holiday of a lifetime and richly rewarding. Te energy and friendships that are generated on these tours is incredible - and quite a surprise to people when they realise their tours is far more than just a motorcycle tour.

The Self-Guided package offers flexibility and many options, and for people who just want to go it alone, this is an excellent alternative. However, you must be a self-starter and able to follow our detailed guide booklet so your tour unfolds seamlessly...and be able to pack for your journey in the panniers the bike provides! ( some people are just not able to do this..)

If you haven't been to New Zealand before, and are considering a straight rental to save money and research the journey on the internet, be aware that the services we offer to stitch your itinerary together utilising our up-to-date knowledge and network of relationships, will ensure a hassle free holiday for you. You can "turn your brain off and concentrate on enjoying your vacation, without all the worries about timing, accommodation and missing things through 'just not knowing' . We recommend that you don't try this the first time you visit New Zealand. If you have doubts, ask yourself this: Could we come to your area of the world and find the best restaurants,cafes and lodging (and avoid the horror stories), the most interesting roads, views etc, by reading a guide book?

Come and enjoy beautiful New Zealand now! We will help you create the vacation of a lifetime.

Safe riding, and Best Regards,

John, Ian, and Ian Jnr

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