Friday, October 10, 2008

Save big $$$$'s on your NZ vacation - The NZ$ takes a big dive against the US$

If you're touring New Zealand with us this year, or if you're thinking of touring New Zealand with us this year, pay attention! There's a silver lining to every cloud...

The ructions going on in the financial markets have caused the NZ$ to drop dramatically against the US$. In early October 2008, the NZ$ was worth US$0.67... (or to put it the other way around, US$1.00 bought NZ$1.49. Today, on Oct 8th, US$1.00 buys NZ$1.69. That's a change of 14% in the favour of the US$.

If you are thinking of booking a vacation in New Zealand, or you are booked to come and tour with us and have paid a deposit, it really would be worth considering paying the full amount now and taking advantage of the drop in the value of the NZ Dollar. By way of example, if you and your partner are booked on one of our 14 days Best of The Best Guided Tours, the saving is equivalent to the cost of a free return international flight from the US to NZ for one person.

Get that mouse clicking... :-)

Cheers for now. Safe riding..


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